Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Back Yard BBQ

In my previous I discussed about an amazing ebook that can be enough to make you a BBQ specialist -See Previous Post Here- In this post I will be discussing what all is included in this ebook.
In this 169 page ebook you’ll find everything you need to know about how to grill some of the most amazing, hard to find recipes from start to finish
You'll find out every secret writer has discovered and tested, this will be the ONLY guide you'll ever need on barbequing...I promise!

Setting Up the Fire
  -Setting up the grill
 -Fuel Up the Fire!
  -Fixing Your Coals to Perfection
 -Let the Flames Begin!
  -Taking Charge of the Flames: Heat Control
 Chapter 4: The Secret To Rubs, Oils and Marinades
  -Marinades: Flavor Deep Down to the Bones
 -Oil Flavors: Boost the Taste of Tender Meat
 -Dry Rubs: Greaseless Flavor added with Crisp and Spice
 Chapter 5: Sauces - The Best BBQ Sauces Ever!
 -Warm Sauces: When and Where to Add Them
 -Cold Sauces: Experience the "Raw" Flavor
  -Other Condiments You Can Use to Add Life to Your Meals
 -Compound Butters: Let the Dairy Fairy Do the Job
 Chapter 6: Meat 'N Buns
  -Burgers, Hotdogs, Sausages and All the Love for the Bun!
 -Admit It: You Love a Burger!
  -It's Time to Be Frank: All About Sausages
 Chapter 7: Meals on a Skew!
  -Kebabs, Satays for an Easy Afternoon Cookout
 -Getting to Know Your Skewers
 -Veggie Meals Made Better: Have Them on a Stick!
  -Beef Kebabs: Taste the Beef Right Down to the Core
 -We Want Porky! Porky on Stick!
 -Lamb Kebabs: The Staple Food
  -Chicken on a Stick: More than Finger Lickin' Good!
 -Seafood on Sticks: Perfect for the Beach Grill Out!
 -The Truth About Satays


 Chapter 8: Taste it to the Bones!
 -Savor the Madness of Flavorful Ribs
  -Knowing the Different Kinds of Pork Ribs
 -The Various Ways of Grilling Pork Ribs
  -Beef Ribs: A Fusion of World Flavors Under One Bone
 - Claim Jumper® Widow-Maker Burger 43
 Chapter 9: Grilled Beef
 -Red Meat at Its Finest!
 -Getting to Know that Beef Chunk
 -Preparing for the Grill: You and Your Steaks
  -Marinating the Beef: They're Best When Soft and Tender
 -Grilling the Steaks for Ultimate Flavor
  -Grilled Beef Roast: A Luscious Meal for the Family
 Chapter 10: Pork-The Perfect Barbecue Meat
  Pork 101: Knowing the Cut
 -The Rub Secret: Herbs and Spices that Bring Life out of that Pork
  -Is there Such Thing as the "Perfect Doneness?"
 Chapter 11: Feather Galore!
  -Fowl and Chicken Never Tasted Better!
 -Chicken: Taste the Flavor Right Down to the Core!
  -Turkey: It's more than just a Thanksgiving Roast
 -Game Birds: It's More than Just a Fair Game
 - Hard Rock Cafe® Twisted Mac and Cheese 63
 Chapter 12: Fish and Seafood
  -Taste the Waters Right Off the Grill!
 -Fish Shopping: Know the Kinds of Fish You can Find
 -The Fresh Cut
  -Smoked Fish: The Scent, The Flavor, The Taste
 Chapter 13: Everything Veggies!
  -Veggie Cooking Update: What's the Latest?
 -Truly Veggie!
  -The Warm Sides: Full Side-Dish Recipes
 -Defining Cool: Salad Quenchers
  Plus 50 Amazing "Secret" BBQ Recipes We Can't Reveal!