Thursday, April 19, 2012

Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking ( Cook Book )

cook book
"Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" is the best selling Cook Book of the author and master chef Nicholas Zhou. Nicholas Zhou gives cooking classes and teaches his students how to cook real and healthy Chinese food. He started cooking at an early age of 9 and has excelled in cooking since then.

"Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" is a cook book that contains over 500 healthy Chinese recipes and all recipes are easy to cook and take around 45 minutes. This cook book has been designed keeping in mind that:

  • Over a billion people around the globe are over weight
  • 300 million are clinically obese
  • Women may reduce chances of cancer by 35% by eating healthy food
  • Low fat food reduces heart disases
  • Life expectancy is increased by 30 % by consuming low calories
  • Cancer deaths are reduced to 37% by Vitamins

cook book

As the ancient Chinese sign of "Yin And Yang" suggests that there should be a balance in the opposing forces, this cook book incorporates in your life a balanced diet that is enough to fight against health issues and diseases. This 543 pages cook book contains:

  • Low carb recipes
  • Low fats recipes
  • Low calories recipes
  • Vegetable and fruit recipes
  • Fried rice
  • Beef and Chicken
  • Noodle, soup and appetizers
  • And much more