Friday, September 13, 2013

Keiko's Cake & Pastry Tutorials & Resources

pastries recipes
Can you imagine your friends' or guests' reaction when you next time present before them a professional delicious cake all made by yourself? Ofcourse they would be stunned. You can become an expert at baking delicious and professional cakes and pastries for your family and guests with guidance from Keikos's Cakes and Pastry is a community of people where people learn baking professional cakes. Here members are provided with:

  • Downloadable ebooks (pdf) with step-by-step instructions
  • Video instructions on baking each cake 
  • Access to the community forum
  • Frequent updates, new exclusive cake guides and videos
  • Downloadable content
  • Immediate online access

Keiko is a professional patissier and pastry teacher. Her students are “normal” people with no former education or special skills in baking.
  • Housewifes who wish to make something special for their next family celebration
  • College students who like to bring a delicious cake to the next party
  • Office workers who love to put smiles on their colleague’s faces
You can get a membership in and get advantage of ebooks, video tutorials and community guidance etc. Click below to get the membership now.



Friday, September 6, 2013

Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Recipe BookWhat is Paleo? (A quick definition)

Answer: In Fact, Paleo Is Not Really a "Diet" At All! It’s really a return to the type of eating your body naturally craves and was designed for. And that’s why it works. It’s based on how we humans evolved for literally millions of years.

As I'm sure you've heard, countless individuals around the world have turned to the Paleo Diet and way of living in order to regain their health, energy, vitality and power. Just a few of the benefits user report are:
  • Leaner, Stronger Muscles
  • Increased Energy
  • Significantly More Stamina
  • Clearer, Smoother Skin
  • Weight Loss Results
  • Better Performance and Recovery
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Enhanced 
  • No More Hunger/Cravings
  • Thicker, Fuller 
  • And So Much More!

My Review:

So, coming over to what I am reviewing here for my readers is The Best Selling "Paleo Recipe Ebook". This Paleo Recipe Ebook has Over 350 easy Paleo recipes divided into 18 food categories. 100% Paleo approved: No grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no vegetable oils and no preservatives. Cooking guides and charts are included to help you cook just about anything. For example, you'll find a guide to cooking the perfect steak and the Paleo food list. The video presentation on the sales page is amazing. The Paleo Recipe Ebook is compatible with PC, MAC, Tablets, Iphone, Ipads and Android. All in all you get much more in the price of $27.

Bonuses They Offer:

Paleo Recipe When You buy this ebook you get following bonuses for free
  1. Ebook-Quick & Simple Paleo Meals
    • 30 additional quicker recipes
  2. Ebook-8 Week Paleo Meal Plan
    • A great diet plan that goes on for 8 weeks
  3. Ebook-Paleo Desserts
    • 15 natural ingredient Paleo Dessert Recipes
  4. Ebook-Herbs & Spices
    • Will help you add delicious flavours to your Paleo Recipes

The actual cost of Ebook is $39 but presently they are offering it for $27 with 60 day money back guarantee. The product is affiliated with Clickbank so no worries of scam.To read more about or get the Paleo Recipe Ebook click on the button or the picture of ebook.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frugal Mom's Guide To Once A Month Cooking

Though I am not a mom but I understand how irritating it gets when moms have to daily prepare meals for husbands and kids three times a day. Being a 21 year old son of my lovely mother I always want to see my mom in peace and enjoying her life. Wouldn't it be great if moms could make meal once a month for whole month and freeze it? Then daily use a simple oven trick to freshen it up?

That would be great but with no prior knowledge and expert instructions moms can end up finding their frozen meals rotten. Frugal Mom's Guide To "Once A Month Cooking" is a cook book that helps you with that. This cook book reduces the biggest tension over moms' heads.

  • No tension at meal times as you have a freezer full of meals
  • Save money that you spend on fast food to save time
  • Get loads of free time daily
  • Enjoy step by step cooking instructions
  • Be well organized because it includes forms that keep you managed
  • You dont only save time and money, you save your family's health by not allowing them to eat unhealthy fast food.
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • Full support of this cook book's author via an online community where moms like you come and help each other in cooking matters
  • A bonus cook book "Bulk cooking for freezer with ground beef"


Compete with any BBQ expert

bbq cookbook
Cooking delicious, mouthwatering and flawless BBQ is not an easy job for those who have not done it before or even those who are not already experts. Bill Anderson- An expert BBQ specialist - who won several BBQ competitions during 2009 and 2010 compressed his experience and expert training methods in his state of the art cook book "Competition BBQ Secrets".

When Bill Anderson first started taking parts in competition he realized that though he is an expert but with the knowledge he had he wont get anywhere. Anyone one can try and make some average BBQ but in such competition you will only stand last. He then studied and experimented and learnt the secrets.

This cook book contains all the information that can help you make delicious BBQ.

  • Correct temperature
  • Correct time
  • How to prevent the meat from being rubbery or tough
  • What spices to use
  • How to cook championship BBQ in your own backyard
  • Learn about how to cook chicken, ribs, turkey and much much more
  • A complete list of resources experts use
  • A complete list of sauces and spices experts use
  • How to give a perfect smoke flavor and a lot more

This cook book is not only for competitors but also for those who love BBQs and want to cook them in their backyard them selves. Unlike other cook book reviewed on my bogspot this one dosent offer any bonus ebooks but believe me this one is worth giving a try.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking ( Cook Book )

cook book
"Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" is the best selling Cook Book of the author and master chef Nicholas Zhou. Nicholas Zhou gives cooking classes and teaches his students how to cook real and healthy Chinese food. He started cooking at an early age of 9 and has excelled in cooking since then.

"Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" is a cook book that contains over 500 healthy Chinese recipes and all recipes are easy to cook and take around 45 minutes. This cook book has been designed keeping in mind that:

  • Over a billion people around the globe are over weight
  • 300 million are clinically obese
  • Women may reduce chances of cancer by 35% by eating healthy food
  • Low fat food reduces heart disases
  • Life expectancy is increased by 30 % by consuming low calories
  • Cancer deaths are reduced to 37% by Vitamins

cook book

As the ancient Chinese sign of "Yin And Yang" suggests that there should be a balance in the opposing forces, this cook book incorporates in your life a balanced diet that is enough to fight against health issues and diseases. This 543 pages cook book contains:

  • Low carb recipes
  • Low fats recipes
  • Low calories recipes
  • Vegetable and fruit recipes
  • Fried rice
  • Beef and Chicken
  • Noodle, soup and appetizers
  • And much more


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sensational Smoothies

100 percent healthy smoothies that deliver the perfect amount of daily required fruits, dairy and vegetables. These smoothies give three essential parts(fruits, dairy and vegetables) of our five part food group. Sensational smoothies give you the ever desired slim and smart body without much tension of exercises and workouts.

All recipes of smoothies in the "Sensational Smoothies" ebook are well researched, healthy, nutritious and tasty. The book contains recipes for all occasions. Over 180 recipes and great amount of guidance on how to choose the freshest of fruits and vegetables and how to store them to keep them fresh. Tips on which tools to use and how to use them efficiently and great deal of more knowledge.

A few benefits you enjoy:

  • Lose weight like never before.
  • Keep on having tasty, sweet and delicious smoothies while losing weight.
  • No more constipation and better digestion.
  • Get recommended amount of vegetables, fruits and dairy daily.
  • Full of vitamins and minerals smoothies and antioxidants from fruits and vegs will prevent illnesses and diseases.
  • Reduce your meal time appetite  which is one of the major causes of obesity.
  • Over 180 delicious smoothies for all occaisions.
A very affordable price of $27. You get other free bonuses too.


America's Restaurant Recipes

Walking into KFC and asking them for their all recipes wont do the trick and wont get you their recipe. They keep their all recipes secret and never share with anyone. Even the chefs their cant tell you a thing as they only get a ready made mix of all the divine spices and herbs. All the big restaurants that are famous for their recipes keep their all recipes like a confidential and top secret thing which if exposed will cause dooms day.

"America's Restaurant Recipes" solves this problem. Ron Douglas, NY Times best selling author and a Master Chef after going through hit and trial methods and consulting dozens of recipe cloners was able to formulate the recipes of well renowned restaurants of America. With his recipe book "America's Restaurant Recipes" you can:

  • Easily clone restaurant dishes whenever you want in your very own kitchen.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • No more time waste in hit and trial, make exactly what you want.
  • Save $180 or more by making restaurant dishes at home instead of going out.
  • Ingredients that are used are safe and healthy for all. No chemicals or preservatives.
"America's Restaurant Recipes" contains 120 recipes of over 60 restaurants including:

  • Apple Bee's
  • BB King's
  • MC Donald's
  • KFC
  • Cheese Cake Factory
  • etc etc
Now its your time to stop waiting for a table in those lines.