Saturday, April 21, 2012

Compete with any BBQ expert

bbq cookbook
Cooking delicious, mouthwatering and flawless BBQ is not an easy job for those who have not done it before or even those who are not already experts. Bill Anderson- An expert BBQ specialist - who won several BBQ competitions during 2009 and 2010 compressed his experience and expert training methods in his state of the art cook book "Competition BBQ Secrets".

When Bill Anderson first started taking parts in competition he realized that though he is an expert but with the knowledge he had he wont get anywhere. Anyone one can try and make some average BBQ but in such competition you will only stand last. He then studied and experimented and learnt the secrets.

This cook book contains all the information that can help you make delicious BBQ.

  • Correct temperature
  • Correct time
  • How to prevent the meat from being rubbery or tough
  • What spices to use
  • How to cook championship BBQ in your own backyard
  • Learn about how to cook chicken, ribs, turkey and much much more
  • A complete list of resources experts use
  • A complete list of sauces and spices experts use
  • How to give a perfect smoke flavor and a lot more

This cook book is not only for competitors but also for those who love BBQs and want to cook them in their backyard them selves. Unlike other cook book reviewed on my bogspot this one dosent offer any bonus ebooks but believe me this one is worth giving a try.